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Lokotechnika ltd.

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Calibration Measurement

Offer calibration services.

Calibration laboratory performs calibrations in the fields of electrical values, temperature, pressure, length and plane angle.

in the field of electrical quantities:
analogy voltmeters and ammeters
megger testers
panel Devices
Inspection devices
High voltage power supplies

In the field of temperature measurement

Glass Thermometers
Bimetallic Thermometers
Digital display Thermometers
Contactless Thermometers (infrared)
Hardening and drying ovens

In the field of pressure:
Elastic barometers
Digital barometers

In the field of length and plane angle measurements:
Slide rules
Height gauge
Depth gauge
Deviation indicators
Cylindrical gauge
Screw ring gauge
Steel square

Related services:
We offer delivery of new meters, including labelling and Calibration
Delivery of calibration tags and labels manufacturing

If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Bojarová
tel .: +420 733 373 243.